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With an enormous repertoire of skills, David is one of the world’s leading escapologists and circus sideshow performers. He can be booked for cabaret shows, podium spots, festivals and arena shows. He can also create new and unique stunts for promotion and other events. David’s shows are suitable for family audiences, unless a more extreme show is requested of course. Shows can be adapted to most types of event and location.

A normal show length is 30 minutes, performed in a ‘theatrical/street’ style, using a microphone and backing music. However David can also perform longer or shorter shows, or visual ‘podium’ spots as required if your event is not suitable for cabaret. He is also able to perform shorter routines if required.

Basically, whatever you require, and whoever your audience is, David’s show can be adapted to suit.

Large stunts, such as suspended escapes, underwater escapes and other stunts are more suited to outdoor arena events, though they can often be adapted to smaller events and indoor venues. Arena stunts are often used as headline grabbers for companies and events wanting maximum publicity for their show or product. David can arrange all aspects of these stunts, including full £10 million public liability insurance, risk assessments and equipment.

David Straitjacket - Sword SwallowingA world record holding performer attempting a death defying escape stunt at your event is an easy way to guarantee headlines and media coverage

A typical 30 minute cabaret show can include

Human Blockhead – Fire Eating – Mental Flossing – Bed of Broken Glass – Sword Swallowing – Underwater Escapes – Straitjacket Escapes – Handcuff, Chain and Rope Escapes – Challenge Escapes – The Human Beer Straw – The Death Defying ‘vacuum packed man’ Escape

Obviously the above list represents too much material for a single 30 minute show. This allows David to choose material that is perfect for your audience, and gives you the opportunity to request skills that you would most like to see.

The finale of the show is David swallowing not one, but two, long steel swords. A once in a lifetime opportunity for the audience to see this rare skill live.

If you definitely want to see, or don’t want to see any of the stunts and skills listed this can be arranged. When David performs a cabaret show (using a microphone and backing music) the show is performed in a comic, audience interactive style. As much a stand up show as a display of some of the most unusual talents found anywhere.

For displays, podium spots, and background shows David performs to backing music only, using either his own backing CD or your music.

David Straitjacket - EscapologyEscapology

David’s incredible escape stunts have wowed audiences around the world, leading one reporter to call him ‘The best escapologist I have ever seen’. During a recent tour of China he was challenged by the local police to escape from their own high security handcuffs, of a type not seen in the West. David amazed the police, and 1000 strong crowd, by not only escaping from the handcuffs, but by doing so after the police had closed them tight them on his wrists, searched him, and then sealed the keyholes shut!

Following this feat David then escaped from the same cuffs, as well as two other pairs of handcuffs, 15 feet of chain and two padlocks provided by a local locksmith.

As if that is not enough he successfully escaped from all of the above after jumping in the lake that was the backdrop for the festival, risking death by drowning in the attempt. This feat was broadcast live to around 70 million people in the Far East, and was attended by an audience of 25,000.

After this escape David was given the handcuffs by the policeman who challenged him. They are now on display at The Peoples History Museum in Manchester.

Following this incredible escape, David was commissioned to teach a one off class in handcuff manipulation techniques to the Chinese Police force. He was respectfully asked not to teach the local villains any of his methods!

One thing that needs to be noted, David is not an illusionist or a magician, David’s escapes are always independently verified, he has been restrained by policemen, security officials, handcuff collectors, locksmiths, rope tie experts and more. For several of the escape challenges David has not known the details of how he is to be restrained until minutes before the escape is set to begin.

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Please see the video & photo pages of the site to see David in action. Or see the escapes page for more detailed information about some of David’s incredible escapes, his challenge escapes and to learn how David’s escape stunts can provide excellent media attention for your company or event, at a fraction of the cost of advertising.

To challenge David to escape from your own restraints please email him directly on: david@davidescapes.com

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