PhotosDavid Straitjacket - Sword Swallower

Below you will find a wide selection of photos from various shows, stunts and events.

If you would like to use any of these shots for press or other purposes please get in touch and we will be happy to provide high quality copies without watermarks.

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  • Promo Shots: A selection of photos for press and promotional use.
  • Press Clippings: Some of David’s many press clippings.
  • World Records: David’s World Record Certificates, and some shots of his record breaking escapes.
  • Challenge Escapes: Various photos from some of the many escape challenges David has taken on.
  • Blackpool – Infusion: Some photos of David’s recent stunt on the Blackpool Pleasure Beach rollercoaster ’Infusion’.
  • The Mencap Charity Ball: Some shots from a recent show for the UK Charity, Mencap

Other – Some of the below photos are personal photos, rather than performance shots.

You can download David's full press pack, CV & promo photos by clicking here