David Straitjacket Stocks EscapeRestraint Stocks Challenge: The People’s History Museum

The museum opened their ‘Crime & Punishment’ exhibition in August 2005. To celebrate the success of the exhibition they approached David and asked if he would be interested in taking on a challenge.

All David was told was that the escape would involve their stocks, and some of the handcuffs from the exhibition. They also asked if he could bring along the barbed wire neck cuff used in the Sky One TV show.

The escape was performed for the press only. David’s hands were fed though the stocks, then his wrists were cuffed in three different pairs of handcuffs, including one antique pair of Hiatt’s, which dated from the late 1800’s. The museum curator wasn’t finished though. He then had the barbed wire collar placed around David’s throat, and padlocked to the top of the stocks. David successfully escaped, sweating but uninjured, in four minutes.

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