David StraitjacketBarbed Wire Escape: Sky One Primetime Television

David was approached Sky One who asked if he was interested in performing an escape on their new show ‘Britain’s Wildest’. The escape was filmed in front of a live studio audience. The show provided

handcuffs, chain, two padlocks, and had made cuffs and a neck collar from barbed wire. David’s feet were attached to a trapeze bar and he was winched high above the stage. Being allowed just a single piece of metal, a straightened out staple, to pick all the locks and effect his escape.

Under the hot glair of the studio lights, with the blood rushing to his head, and with the risk of serious injury and blood loss from the sharp wire, David was able to escape within three minutes.

This escape took place just five days after David had surgery on his shoulder, to rebuild the joint following a circus accident a year before. The surgeon advised him that he would not be able to perform for at least six weeks, and that his arm would not support weight for three weeks. After receiving the video of the escape the surgeon was so amazed he ended up writing an article about him for the Lancet. If you watch video and photos of the escape (links below) you will see the dressing over the three keyhole surgery incisions, as well as make up to disguise the fact that David’s entire shoulder and upper arm are actually almost black with bruising.

“This was one of the most frightening escapes of my life, being literally millimetres away from having my throat and wrists cut by the wire was crazy. I had to work with great care to avoid doing myself serious injury… there is still a scar on my wrist from where one of the barbs stuck in and refused to come free… My adrenaline was so high that I didn’t notice the pain in my shoulder though, at least not until I forgot how injured it was and hung from the trapeze bar with one arm, the newly repaired one!”

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